Pool Enclosure Remodel

Pool Screen Enclosure Looking Old?

If your pool screen enclosure has aged by the Florida weather and you are ready for a new outdoor improvement project, call us today to learn about a cost saving alternative. Your pool or patio enclosure remodel cost a fraction and will provide the beauty and enjoyment of a new screen enclosure for much less!

Make your enclosure look like new again at a fraction of the cost. Restore your current pool screen enclosure or patio screen enclosure for 60% less than the cost of replacement. In addition, your restoration project can be completed in far less time, meaning you can get back to living outdoors in comfort!

All restoration project include state of the art technology and the highest quality materials, which  ensure a long lasting pool enclosure frame and screen. You can expect the restored screen enclosure to look brand new for 10 to 12 years!

Pool screen enclosure restoration adds value to you and beauty to your home. We’re so confident in our work that we provide a three-year warranty on all projects. Get a Free Quote Today.

The Repainting & Restoration Process

  • Strip off and dispose of all old screen.

  • Inspect the structure carefully and replace old rusted fasteners with Nylotech fasteners.

  • Enclosure is cleaned & intricately prepped for painting.

  • Paint specifically for the harsh Florida sun and elements.

  • Enclosure is rescreened with the screen of your choice.

  • Project time is approximately 2 weeks.

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